Delivering Your Copy Just the Way You Like it: Not too Hot, and Always with a Smile

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Blog Post or Article/Feature Writing

No matter how much you love a topic, if you have to write about it weekly or monthly, you will quickly tire of it. You want to ensure that your voice remains fresh and your excitement infuses the page. Should you hire me to write your posts, you’re getting someone who fully researches and commits to creating pieces that people find interesting – no matter the topic. I deliver your copy just the way you ordered it: not too hot, and always with a smile.

One-Time Piece (Feature/Article/Blog)$0.30/word
Blog, 500 words, 4-blog commitment$450
Blog, 500 words, 12-blog commitment$1000
Monthly Services ContractNegotiable
How to Write Effectively One-on-One Webinar$100
If you’re not sure, book a consultation first and I’ll deduct the fee!

Resumes, Cover Letters, Job Coaching

There should be a rule that nobody should have to write their own resume. It’s crazy stressful to give your one-sheet the ol’ razzle-dazzle. That’s why you should just hand it to me. I promise to take good care of it, and return it in better shape than I found it. I can also customize your cover letters. With both options, you receive a free template that is easy to edit, so updating is a breeze.

Nervous about interviewing? I will create a mock interview tailored to the job you seek, and can teach you how best to exude confidence and act like you totally knew that question was coming. (I worked as a graduate assistant in Career Services during grad school, and this was literally my job the entire time.)

Basic Resume Update/Edit$25
Resume Creation with Editable Template$100
Cover Letter Creation with Editable Template$50
Job Coaching, 60 minutes100
Mock Interview Practice, 30 minutes$50
I promise I will make you look just as incredible as we know you are.

If you’re having a hard time finding the words to sell yourself in this new job wonderland, just stop. Let Jen do it. Jen can highlight, power up, and condense your resume FAST! She delves into your job history and gets to know you as a person in order to help you succeed on your journey to a better career. Bonus points for effective use of color theory! 

Amber Solomon, Creative Event Specialist, Leader