Jen Johnmeyer, Owner of Freelance by Jen
Jen Johnmeyer, Owner, Freelance by Jen
We got thrown out of this place right after the picture was taken.

I’m Jen, and I write copy people want to read.

Words are tricky, and stringing them together has never been simple. So why not leave the heavy lifting to me, and let me spin those words into gold? I’ll sing your praises with a resume or cover letter. Produce your company’s weekly blogs – and make them interesting. Condense your website into a brochure, or create a “clickable” email campaign. I don’t know if I told you this, but many people call me Spinderella.*

*Nobody calls me that. Not even my mom.

But let’s get down to brass tacks. Why should you hire me? In a word, passion. My works are labors of love, and they mean a lot to me. Even if the topic is dull, I promise I will make it brighter. I’ve written for national chains and for small businesses. I’ve written theses and articles. I can help launch your business with weekly blogs, or I can punch up your cover letter game. Whatever it is, though, we’ll do it together.


Freelance Copywriter, 417 Magazine

I have been a freelance copywriter in the 417 family for three years, and a feature writer for all platforms of 417 publications, including 417, 417 Home, Biz 417, and PrimeWays Magazines

Creative Director, Alamo Drafthouse

I spun many plates at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema as its director of events. From live shows with original casts to weekly trivia and annual Red Carpet Oscars nights, event conceptualization and creation was, and remains, my bag. I wrote all local copy: press releases, email campaigns, blogs, local show pages, and social media posts. Additionally, I was the page manager for all social media accounts (Facebook, IG, Twitter), and Google My Business.


Freelance Writer, 417 Magazine

2017 – Present

Feature writer for 417 Magazine, covering topics from community events to fashion. Other subjects included weddings for 417 Bride, regional and national news for 417 Magazine, and local business for Biz 417.

Copywriter, Renewable Energy Industry

2015 – 2017

I wrote SEO-compliant copy for companies in the solar industry, including weekly blogs and monthly newsletters, and a video series focusing on renewable energy education.

Creative Director, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

2017 – 2020

While many of my events were guest-facing, I also wrote copy for and managed Drafthouse social media pages. I also wrote blogs and created newsletter and email campaigns.

Graduate Assistant, Career Services


I researched interview questions and conducted mock interviews across all industries with undergraduate and graduate college students

Let’s make something together.