On the Importance of Education

My sister wished me a happy gradversary this morning, and it hit me that it's been five years today since I received my master's degree. I never expected that my degrees would translate to making a lot of money. Public relations and communication don't really pack the punch of, say, an MBA or uh, rocket [...]

On Knowing the Best

Today is Grandparents Day. This is a holiday that occasionally falls on my son's birthday, and today is no exception. When this happened during my young parenthood, there was no contest. The day belonged to my kid. But it was a mistake. Because he has two really, really amazing grandmothers. Today, though, I'm going to talk about [...]

On Eighth Grade

We opened Bo Burnham's amazing, beautiful, painful ode to puberty, EIGHTH GRADE, this month. It was everything I'd hoped. That "everything" was painful, unflinching, cringe-worthy reality. It was perfect. Yes, the movie had the tiny kids with flat stomachs and clear skin, who were externally flawless but sometimes awful and bitchy. There were also the [...]

On Becoming That Thing You Can’t Find

So, I have this amazing job working with amazing people doing amazing things. Which is mostly, you know, amazing, but sometimes, you know, intimidating. Today, a casual assigned task was to "reach out to food bloggers" in the area about this incredible drop menu we're doing for an upcoming movie. Simple enough. Hahaha watch me [...]