Jen Johnmeyer, Owner, Freelance by Jen

Freelance by Jen writing services span projects tiny to large. All will help you in achieving the results of your dreams. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Let’s go in together on a free consultation, choose your items, carefully package them, wrap it all up like we won the World Wrapping Championship every year until they discontinued it because everyone else felt discouraged, and put a nice bow on top.

We even provide the bow.

Writing Big Paper
Yes. this is how I write.



Email Campaigns

No matter how much you love a topic or your company, coming up with inspiring content, then writing about it every week, is the fastest road to burnout. We ensure that your voice – and enthusiasm – remain fresh. We write blogs that read like stories, emails that people don’t delete automatically, and newsletters that make people say, “Wow, maybe I’ll stay here for a few more years!”

Resume Graphic
They are impressed.



Cover Letters

There should be a rule that nobody should have to write their own resume, much less cover letter. It’s crazy stressful to give your one-sheet the ol’ razzle-dazzle. That’s why you should just hand it to me. Whether I edit and polish your work or create it from a few words scribbled on a tear-soaked napkin, we’ll make those pages shine (not with tears).

Coach Lady
This isn’t me.




You know how your mom/spouse/random weirdo at the gym thinks you’re a catch? Well, I’m probably not at least two of them. But I still think you’re great. Now let’s get YOU there. From job prep with interview techniques to fitness and nutrition prep, I’m here to help you achieve the you that guidance counselors always told you that you’d be if you just went to class on time.

Let’s change lives together.

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