Those of you who know me probably clicked on this expecting to read an ode to all things jelly. Because I love it. Specifically, preserves. Jam is too, just, weird in my mouth, and jelly is a bit unpredictable, but give me a nice preserve, a spoon, and maybe a warm, soft bread, and in [...]

And that’s ALL I need.

I was at Walmart today, because it was 4:30 on a Friday and I hate myself. This isn't immediately about my self-loathing, though. Plenty of time for that later. Rather, it was about what I overheard an employee say as I was exiting: I just need validation! If I hadn't felt so dead inside (because [...]

I’m HOW Old, Exactly? Exploring the Adult Temper Tantrum.

I’m HOW Old, Exactly? Exploring the Adult Temper Tantrum.

There is a cute little series of pictures I've seen many times on Facebook recently, titled "Temper Tantrums You Can't Help but Laugh At." In case you haven't seen it: Little Tantrums Each picture is of a different child having an absolute meltdown, with the reason for said meltdown typed over it. Reasons include "She dropped the [...]

Thank God for Girls. *Caution: Uncensored*

Over the years, I have been a quasi-Weezer fan. Their latest offering, Thank God for Girls, is a favorite of a friend's child, and so we've listened to it many times. This isn't about Weezer, but before I segue into the real topic, let's take a moment to reflect on the lyrics. Wait. Not all [...]

So You Wanna be a Songwriter…

Preamble: I didn't like the look of my old blog, pretty much ever, and so I switched to WordPress. Actually, I discovered that I had switched to WordPress three separate times in the past without pursuing it further, so I have three handles, if you will. But I finally got off my keister and did [...]